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I Need Ideas On A Kids (10yrs) Scavenger Hunt In A Limousine Around The Town?

April 29, 2009 in Riddles

I would like it to be fun, but also age appropriate… maybe places in the city they should know about and then I REALLY need help with the riddles too. Thanks!!
p.s. We’re in Oklahoma and there will only be 6 kids and the parents in the limo.

Funny Kids Fighting Ideas?

April 24, 2009 in Funny

I have to do my advertising assignment. I have to do the shooting with my 7 years old nephew and 5 year old niece within 30 seconds video.
So, here’s the question. What the brother’s doing that makes his sister gets angry and do revenge like taking his brother’s favorite clothe and tear it….
Any experience?

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