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How Do You Get Your Child To Have Positive Self Esteem And Not Worry About What Other Kids Say?

April 29, 2009 in Funny

My daughter is only 6 and she is so bothered by what other kids say. Like today is dress like Dr. Suess day and she was cute I thought. But the other kids did not dress up and then when i went to school to see her, she had taken her dress up stuff off because kids were making fun of her. No one else dressed up. I said it is because are jealous, that is usually why others make fun of people. But she had her feelings hurt. Should i just let it go, or try to talk to her about it. I know she is young but self esteem is so important in girls later on that I want to let her know starting now that she is her own person. Is that crazy! Thanks. I just hate that kids are hurting her feelings. Thanks.

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