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The Three Men And The Missing Dollar

April 23, 2009 in Riddles

3 Men check into a motel room. The room cost $30. Each man paid $10. The manager of the motel realized he overcharged the men for their room. The room should have been $25. He gave the bellboy $5 to give back to the men. The bellboy took the money, but on the way thought to himself, “$5 cannot be divided evenly by 3 people.” The bellboy then pocketed $2 and decided to give the men $3 back, each man receiving $1. At this point the room cost each man $9.
$9 x 3 = $27
$27 + $2 (Bellboy pocketted) = $29.
What happened to the last dollar? They originally paid $30 for the room!
The desk clerk originally received $30 and gave $5 back to the bellhop, so he has $25. The three men originally gave away $30 and received $3 back, so they have $3. The bellhop was allowed to keep $2 for his trouble. $25 + $3 + $2 = $30.

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