What Is Something You Love Or Is Cutest About Your Kids? Or What Funny Thing Did Your Kid Say Or Do Today?

April 5, 2009 in Funny, Parenting Q&A

Of course there is no best answer just have fun.
I love something special about each of my 3 kids.
I love how my 2 1/2 yr loves to snuggle w/ me.
I love how my 5 yr old is sweet & sour ;-). & energetic/outgoing. I love how my baby smiles and has the cutest baby talk. Today my 5 yr old said she loves her baby brother. The sweetest thing kids say, it is specail, if only we as adults could do the same.

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  1. My baby is 20 months old. She was in the bed watching TV with me. We had a cuddle moment. She took her hand across my face and gently turned my head to hers and said I love you momma. I just about melted. I cried so much. My baby is growing up. I tell my kid I love her at least 10 times a day. The funny thing was the way she just cheesy smiled after it. It was so confident and cute with her button nose and a smile that reaches from ear to ear and her teeth barely showing. I couldn’t have asked for a better daughter and moment then I experienced today! Thank you so much for letting that be the last thing for me to think about before I sleep tonight! I love life!

  2. I have a 3 yr old and an 11 yr old. The 11 yr old was homeschooled last year and had to take a test to be able to get back into public school. When I was telling him that he passed and was ok to start 6th grade his little sister came up to him, hugged him and said “I’m sooo glad that you’re not stupid!”

  3. i told my son that he didn’t remind me to buy a certain item. Then I added, “I guess it’s not true when they say 2 heads aren’t better than 1 “. After a short pause he said “mom, your head is ½ of a head “.
    grrrr! he got me there ..lol.

  4. Well I don’t have any children but your question reminded me of the kids a woman I went out with. Her little boy who is almost two now made me smile when he devoured his yogurt cup from Mcd’s. He was so happy with that treat. And her 11 year old daughter made me laugh when her mom and I were talking and her mom said something she didn’t want her daughter to hear. The daughter told us “never underestimate a child”. The wisdom of children.

  5. My 10 year old son told me he needed a raise on his allowance today. he said that cleaning his room was harder than it was last year. He says he’s older now and has more stuff!

  6. My daughter will look in my face and say “I’m gonna keep you forever!” Makes me melt. She told my nephews when they were whining about having a toy taken away “Sorry for your luck!” She’s 2!!

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