Kids Are Always Attractive

May 2, 2009 in Funny, Parenting Q&A

Why Do Parents Always Say Their Kids Are Attractive?
If my kid is unattractive, I’m not going to say he looks good.
Ill just say you look fine.

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  1. Because children are children and you can’t hurt their feelings. Even if my kids were ugly as sin I would tell them they are beautiful, cause if they are ugy then i must be ugly. Poor kids get put down and made fun of enough in school by rotten kids. Luckily my kids are gorgeous. I think I am going to have to tell them they are ugly to keep their egos in check lol I have always had a high self esteem and i am not drop dead gorgeous, i think i am decent…but i always say i am hot as hell and my brothers would always tease me and tell me i was ugly…….now that we are grown and i asked them why they were so mean to me and they told me cause i was pretty but that my ego was too high so they would have to make me doubt to bring it down a notch lol Funny huh?

  2. Then you are a tard. It’s your kid. All parents think their children are the most beautiful thing ever & they are. It really takes a desensitized jerk to feel that way. A parents love for their child makes everything about that child the most beautiful, wonderful thing ever. You must not even have kids or you’re a real jerk.

  3. I think a parent truly knows if their kid got beat with the ugly stick. But because they are their parents they tell them they are beautiful because they gave life to them and love them. They want their kids to believe that whats on the inside counts more than whats on the outside. Parents want their kids to believe that they have as much a right to achieve their dreams as someone who may be physically more attractive.

  4. Maybe all parents find theis kids attractive…

  5. MaY said on May 2, 2009

    Because we are biased. As parent we tend to really believe they are beautiful. However mine truly are.

  6. Telling someone they are attractive typically means you are attracted to them. Parents may tell there children they are cute or pretty, but i’ve never heard any parent say that they are attractive. Most parents think that there children are the most beautiful in world.

  7. My children are not attractive, they are down right beautiful, extremely gorgeous, and super smart to boot. But hey I am very biased. 🙂

  8. because as a parent you love ur child so much and, i truely believe that my bub is the most beautiful child ever!
    in my eyes, she is perfect..

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