Treasure of cutlass reef

April 29, 2009 in Games

Play in full screen:

Tips and tricks:

If you are under fire and don’t have the speed and time to move away, turn your ship up/downwards to give a smaller hit area.

Try to engage as much ships as you can, because plundering a captured ship gives you more gold than destroying it and then plundering the wreck.
But also look at your crew status. If your crew drops too low, there will be no one to reload the cannons…
(No matter how many of your crew you loose, if anyone survives the battle, you will start the next level with a fresh full crew.)

There are ships with enormous firepower and crew, but not much gold. These are pirate hunters and privateers looking to hunt you down! Don’t let them engage you!

If a ship comes too close to you and you want to avoid close combat, move upwards as far as you can, the enemy ships will follow you up. Then move back down. This way you can gain some distance and time.

On higher difficulty levels you have more upgrade levels for your ship!

You can spend all your money throughout the game, your final score equals the total gold you earn during the game, the money spent on upgrades won’t be subtracted.

On later levels the enemy ships will have stonger cannons, they not only damage your ship more, but the cannonballs also fly faster, so upgrading your ship speed is esssential to avoid their fire.

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