Shoes are on the wrong feet

April 22, 2009 in Funny, Hidden Talent

I told a little boy at church his shoes were on the wrong feet. (Left shoe on right foot and vice versa). He looked down at his feet then back up at me and said in the most dead pan voice, “They’re my feet.”

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  1. I told a little boy at church his shoes were on the wrong feet. (Left shoe on right foot and vice versa). He looked down at his feet then back up at me and said in the most dead pan voice, “They’re my feet.”

  2. well my cousin’s son named Cameron once brought me a tampon and he thought it was I rocket ship.( I was babysitting him at my house, and he found where I kept him) So I told him, no that not a rocketship and told him to hand the tampon over, so he did and he asked me “what tis it?”. SO I told him it was for me because I had terrible nose bleeds ( as I put the tampon in my nose) and not to tell anyone, because its a secret way to stop nose bleeds without anyone knowing. (hehehe) HE TOTALLY BELIEVE IT!

  3. My 4 year old cousin had this imaginary animal in his head called a “goopitz” and he randomly starts freaking out all the time like “I SAW A GOOPITZ!!” and i aksed him “what is a goopitz? what does it look like?” his response: “it is chubby and black but it is green and hairless with a long tail, and pointy ears”.
    me: “that sounds ugly”
    him: “uh huh.”
    me: “i think i see a goopitz mitchel”
    him “nu uh! that isnt a goopitz silly”

  4. funniest thing they did:
    okay, so me and my friend were throwing this quarter to see how close we could get it to this line. i threw it and this kid comes running to the quarter and bends over and picks it up and says,”oooh! a quarter…its shiny too!” and he bolts off before me or my friend could say anything.
    he is now known as “the quarter kid”

  5. i was in a Gothic style clothes shop with my sister and some 11/12 year old asked me a question as if i worked there!
    (that’s not my style at all! i was wearing like a really girly white/blue sun dress as well as a French manicure+pedicure, full make up and curled hair!) i just found that so hilarious!

  6. my friend’s 2 or 3 yr old toddler was in mid-poop when he grabbed her, yelled “look out, tess is growing a monkey tail!” and took her inside the house. her sister (about 3 or 4) ran inside with him to watch. she later came out proclaiming excitedly “tessa grew a monkey tail and then it turned into poop!!!”

  7. I was baby sitting this little girl, and she comes up to me, rubs my stomach and says “Is there a baby in there”
    Or when I was at one of my cousins wedding rehersals, and we where waiting for every one in the church,I was watching my 3 year old cousin , and he pointed at a statue of jesus, and yelled “Thats my uncle!”

  8. My son was only like 5 i think and we were driving down the road and he asked me to turn the fire up, we had a wood stove at home to heat with….It was the cutest thing, i still laugh even though he is ateenager now.

  9. Walking through the forest one day, my four-year-old son asked, “Who made this?”
    Knowing he wasn’t ready for a complicated explanation, I replied “God. God created everything.”
    He looked at me with an astounded incredulous face and said “Even frogs?!!!”

  10. tons on stuff.
    She says ” i really de-pre-she-ate you”
    ” i be missing you”
    ” calls becka vecka and says vanilla bannila.”
    Told me she was gonna call the cops on santa cus its not nice to spy on people” she is 3 and a half.

  11. my friend bought her daughter one of those watch sets where you get a different band for each day of the week – so you can swap them out.
    when we asked her how she liked it she replied:
    ” i can’t wait until wednesday! wednesday has a real watch on it!”

  12. “Woah, dude is that your mom? She looks pretty ticked.” That was to my brother about me. Then I told him to bug off. He then asked how tall I was and i told him 5’8” (I’m seirously that tall) and he called me “Godzilla”.

  13. well i used to work in an elementary school kitchen. One day a little kid ran up to me hugged me from behind and said i was his father! He was just getting me back for what i did to him earlier in the day though.

  14. The neighbor girl saw my dog sitting in the driver seat of my car at the grocery store. She came up to me as I was leaving the store and asked me if Bucky (my dogs name ) drove me there.

  15. Haha,
    My friend and I were babysitting her little brother.
    We were standing by the doorway, and he needed to get through.
    So he said “Excuse me, Ladies”
    It was so cute and funny, considering he’s only 6 years old himself 🙂

  16. “Andwea! You eshtupeed fak you!”- My little sister Jocie. -___-
    “Michelle, you smell like good old lady smelling good perfume, you know.”- My sister America.

  17. My son said to us,
    Look mom, a slob……….(slug the slimmy worm)
    We asked him where bee’s live and he said,
    It’s froggy out. (fog)

  18. My little cousin was going to the beach and I asked her if I could go with her:
    “yep and I will throw you in the sea and the shark will eat you”
    she was 3

  19. My sisters co-workers daughter was next to a black guy and she goes ‘Mommy why that guy dark’ ‘Did he get burn’
    It was hilarious but the black guy was laughing he was ok with it

  20. One day a friend and I were taking a walk and these girls on their bikes rode by and yelled out “I’m not allowed to talk to strangers!” and we hadn’t even said a word to them. lol

  21. Some little kid in a checkout lane said “you’re fat” I said yep, that’s what happens when you eat too much candy.

  22. Today my 4 year old nephew saw a tranny and asked me why that man was wearing a disguise.

  23. I told my little cousin that we were going to Ashely (the name of the neighborhood a few miles away) and while we were driving he said “So…who’s Ashley is she pretty?” lol he was only 4 or 5…..

  24. mom i like that smell, are you using excellent?
    it was the fantastic spray cleaner 🙂
    ooh ohhh i can shake my butt!
    – both from my little sister

  25. In church, I had these brown hoops on and a kid asked “Are they dangerous? are they poisonous?” he was about 3 yrs old

  26. me said on April 22, 2009

    that i looked like i was 25, that was when i was 13.

  27. I’m calling a cop.

  28. What does masturbation mean?

  29. I only like rich girlfriends cause they can take care of me… 🙂

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